Enhancing Resolume with Real-Time VJ Visuals Generators

Resolume is widely considered the top choice for video projection mapping. However, when it comes to real-time procedural VJ visuals, it does have certain limitations. That's where the Syphon/Spout texture sharing option comes into play. Instead of creating and maintaining plugins, Resolume users can leverage the capabilities of other software to enhance their VJ experience, resulting in a more efficient and stable application with endless possibilities.

Choosing the Right Real-Time VJ Visuals Generator for Resolume

There are several alternatives available for generating real-time VJ visuals that seamlessly integrate with Resolume. Let's take a look at a few popular options:


Kodelife is a powerful tool for creating real-time visuals. It provides an intuitive interface that allows artists to create stunning visuals using a range of techniques. With its seamless integration with Resolume, Kodelife opens up new possibilities for generating dynamic and captivating VJ visuals.


Processing is a popular open-source programming language and development environment for creating visuals. It offers a wide range of libraries and tools specifically designed for real-time graphics and interaction. By utilizing Processing alongside Resolume, VJs can unlock the potential for creating unique and customized visual experiences.


Unity, known primarily as a game development engine, can also be a great choice for real-time VJ visuals. With its powerful rendering capabilities and extensive asset store, Unity provides VJs with a vast array of options for creating visually stunning and interactive content. Integration with Resolume allows for seamless playback and synchronization of Unity-generated visuals.


TouchDesigner is a comprehensive visual development platform that combines the capabilities of many other tools into one. It offers features like GLSL coding, integration with devices like Leap Motion or Kinect, and real-time 3D animation and rendering. Check out the video tutorial below to learn how to integrate TouchDesigner with Resolume and create mesmerizing real-time 3D VJ loops:

By integrating Resolume with real-time VJ visuals generators like Kodelife, Processing, Unity, or TouchDesigner, artists can expand their creative possibilities and overcome the limitations of Resolume's built-in features. These tools offer a wealth of options for generating captivating visuals that can enhance any VJ performance. Additionally, exploring audio-reactive techniques can further elevate the overall visual experience. With the right combination of tools, VJs can take their Resolume performances to new heights.