TouchDesigner Audio-Reactive VJ Visuals

With TouchDesigner VJ Software, you can create VJ visuals that react with different audio sources: audio files, microphones, external devices, and internal audio (stereo mix). Watch the video below and learn how to generate fantastic audio-reactive VJ visuals for Resolume VJ software. You may also like to learn How to Integrate Resolume and TouchDesigner.

'Cloner Object' for VJing in TouchDesigner

TD allows you to create cloners like those in Cinema 4D, but with procedural workflow. The good news, you won't need to waste your time rendering this kind of VJ visuals anymore. You only need to set the object to be cloned, a template, and a Geometry COMP (the cloner itself). The cool thing is that you can use anything as a template, including geometries and particles. You can watch the entire workflow in the short video tutorial below.

TD also includes an SOP called Copy. It works well with a few clones, but it is not the best alternative when dealing with many copies or clones. For more details, check out the following links:

Audio Spectrum and Audio-Reactive VJ Visuals in TouchDesigner

This node takes the audio signal in the time domain and represents it in the frequency domain (FFT). In this way, you can take advantage of a more understandable and usable audio representation, emphasizing the human audible frequency range (20-20000 Hz).

To visuals react with a specific frequency range, use an Audio Band EQ, an Audio Filter, or an Audio Para EQ between your Audio In and your Spectrum.

For low frequencies (kick drum, bass lines, etc.), boost the frequencies starting in 63 Hz. Instead, for high frequencies sounds (lead melodies, hi-hat, etc.), try to increase the values below 8000 Hz.

For further understanding, check out the following links: