Audio-Reactive VJ Visuals in Resolume

Resolume VJ Software comes with cool features, including the Sources' Generators; these will allow you to create audio-reactive VJ visuals in a few seconds. For example, with the line scape and rings options, you are going to be able to do some of the things that you already do in After Effects with the 3D Stroke plug-in. Check out the video tutorial below to know more about how to use Generators. You may also be interested in learning How to Create Audio-Reactive VJ Visuals for Resolume Using TouchDesigner.

What can you do with Generators?

You can generate geometries in real-time, such as concentric circles or TRON landscapes. You only need to tweak some parameters, apply some effects, save your preset, and voilà. You don't need to wait for renders or to take up disk space anymore.

Concentric Circles in Resolume VJ Software

Tron Landscape in Resolume VJ Software