Unleash the Power of Audio-Reactive VJ Visuals in Resolume

Discover the incredible capabilities of Resolume VJ Software's Sources' Generators, enabling you to effortlessly create mesmerizing audio-reactive visuals in a matter of seconds. With options like line scape and rings, you can achieve effects comparable to After Effects' 3D Stroke plug-in. Dive into the video tutorial below to unlock the full potential of Generators and elevate your VJ game. Don't miss out on learning how to create stunning audio-reactive visuals for Resolume using TouchDesigner as well.

What can you achieve with Generators?

Create mesmerizing real-time geometries like concentric circles or TRON landscapes. Simply adjust parameters, add effects, save presets, and enjoy instant results without rendering or occupying disk space.

Tron Landscape in Resolume VJ Software