Native Patterns / 5K

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The Native Patterns / 5K VJ Loops Pack includes ten seamlessly loopable triple-wide clips of tribal and native American patterns, ornaments, and geometries.

Number of Clips: 10
Frame Rate: 30
Alpha Channel: Yes
Resolution: Triplewide (5760x1080)

Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3 & Animation; H.264/MPEG-4 

Native American art is one of the best resources to complement music genres such as indie dance, tribal house, or latin house. Most fascinating of all are its motifs and patterns. However, if you try to search for VJ loops that portray these elements, you will find that there are not many options out there.

But not all is lost. With the Native Patterns VJ pack, you will be able to create an ancestral atmosphere in all your live streams and performances thanks to the different seamlessly loopable animations of Native American patterns that it includes.

In Native Patterns, you will find loopable path animations based on native patchwork. All paths are white, which means you can mix these with other VJ loops or footage using the add or screen blending mode. For example, you can use nature video loops as the background to create an indie or vintage mood. You can also colorize the white paths or use them as masks to achieve more colorful creative results.

By the way, if you are working on an HD project, you may be interested in the Native Patterns VJ pack.