Loopable Smoke

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The Loopable Smoke VJ Loops Pack includes sixteen seamlessly loopable 3D smoke animations.

Number of Clips: 16 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) 

Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3 & Photo JPEG; H.264/MPEG-4

Smoke in 3D is often a headache due to the rendering time it takes. The apparent difficulty of getting smoke simulations to play in a loop is also a common issue. But don't worry, this VJ loops pack will make your life easier without spending a lot of money.

Loopable Smoke is a VJ pack suitable for music genres with a medium to high BPM. As this VJ footage is generic and each clip has an alpha channel, all VJ loops can run either as foreground or background visuals.

It is perfect for live performances or live streams. It also works well as a video background in music visualizers, adding dynamism without detracting from animated audio spectrums. To create a visualizer, you can use any of the web apps described in the article 5 Music Visualizers for Electronic Music.

As they are colored smokes, effects like Resolume's Hue Rotate fit like a glove, giving more dynamism to already dynamic content. Likewise, Loopable Smoke is a perfect complement to alpha channel VJ packs like Shattered Objects, Wild Loops, or Weird Christmas.

Include this pack in your VJ set and start mesmerizing your audience.