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The Invertebrates VJ Pack includes twenty dystopian VJ loops, perfect to create dark and horror atmospheres.

Number of Clips: 20 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) 
Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3; H.264/MPEG-4; Apple ProRes

Creating a dark atmosphere and keeping your audience entertained simultaneously is not an easy task. For example, selecting video loops for their grotesque content is not enough. You'll need more than that. You want your dark and horror VJ loops to have a dash of action, comedy, and meaning. This way, you will intrigue and entertain your audience through visual storytelling.

In this sense, Invertebrates is a dystopian metaphor of our present that will allow you to make a difference. With its horror VJ loops, you will be able to generate that desired dark atmosphere and tell a visual story that will blow the minds of your audience.

This VJ pack show how the few remaining humans struggle to survive on a Planet Earth ruled by giant invertebrates. You will find visuals of monsters, subdued humans, and ruined cities with a noisy and grunge style. With its twenty VJ loops, you will be able to tell an original story through your live streams and performances, regardless of how you organize and play the clips.

The Invertebrates pack is the perfect companion for genres like hardstyle, hard techno, or drum & bass. It also serves as a complement to other dystopian VJ packs like Post-Apocalyptic.

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