Adinkra Loops

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The Adinkra Loops VJ pack includes forty seamlessly loopable visuals of Adinkra symbols and patterns.

Number of Clips: 40 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080); 4K (3840x2160)
Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3; H.264/MPEG-4; Animation; Apple ProRes

Among all the places that we do not know, Africa occupies a special place. Usually, we only observe the most superficial aspects, but this continent hides many wonders. One of them is the Adinkra.

The Adinkra are ancient symbols full of meaning that have their origin in present-day Ghana. They are a fabulous graphic resource if you want to create tribal atmospheres full of magic and mysticism. Without a doubt, it is a great candidate to differentiate your VJ set from the competition. However, where to find these symbols in the form of VJ loops was a big question until now.

The Adinkra Loops is the first VJ pack to bring these ancient symbols to the world of live visuals. These VJ loops will make you stand out from all mortals, making your live streams and performances a unique experience for your audience.

This VJ loops pack includes forty animations of Adinkra symbols in different arrangements: a VJ loop for each Adinkra symbol, combinations between them, and patterns. One of the cool things about this VJ pack is what you can achieve with the pattern clips. By applying Slide and Tile effects in Resolume (Offset and Motion Tile in After Effects), you can get endless variations of the different patterns.

You can also take advantage of the individual symbols and create custom combinations.

Like other white lines VJ packs, you can use the Adinkra Loops visuals as masks or mix them with extra VJ footage. For example, in the Darkness Loop VJ pack, you can find some jungle clips that will work perfectly as a background in this case. You can also get nice scenes of deserts and jungles from any of the 5 Websites with Free VJ Loops and Assets.

Adinkra VJ Loop with Jungle Background

Adinkra VJ Loop with Jungle Background

This pack works well with any electronic music genre, but if the tribal house or the Latin house is your thing, this VJ pack will fit the bill.

List of Adinkra symbols included in this VJ pack:

Aban, Adinkrahene, Adinkrahene, Agyinduwura, Akoben, Akofena, Ananse Ntontan, Denkyem, Duafe, Dwennimmen, Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu, Kojo Baiden, Kwatakye Atiko, Mpuannum, Nea Onnim, Niankopon Aniwa, Nkyinkyim, Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan, Osram Ne Nsoromma, Tabon, Uac Nkanea.

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