Wild Loops

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The Wild Loops VJ Pack includes twenty seamlessly loopable VJ clips of low-poly 3D animals such as elks, wolves, rhinos, and elephants.

Number of Clips: 20 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolutions: 1080p (1920x1080)
Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3; H.264/MPEG-4; Apple ProRes 

This VJ pack contains VJ loops for different scenarios. For example, in songs with an energetic BPM, you can use the animations of 3D animals running. For an EDM breakdown, you have softer scenes like dolly shots and 3D animals breaking into pieces slowly.

Also, this bundle includes fourteen VJ loops with alpha channels. You can mix them with your current VJ footage and achieve creative results without limits.

These VJ visuals follow a low-poly 3D style, where, after decimation, the original 3D models remain only with the number of polygons necessary to identify the animal. Given the simplification of shapes and color palettes, you can combine these VJ loops with different visuals without running the risk of overloading your composition. Visit the VJ Galaxy's Low-Poly Section for more VJ footage like this.

The Wild Loops are suitable for any musical genre. But if you are working with music styles like tribal house, drum & bass, or dub, this VJ pack is perfect for you. With its VJ clips of futuristic safaris, African animals, and wild stampedes, it will not leave anyone indifferent.