Fire Particles / 5K

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The Widescreen Fire Particles VJ Loops Pack includes ten seamlessly loopable triple wide clips of fire particles and sparks.

Charity VJ Loops Pack: This is a charity item, which means we donate what we collect with this VJ pack to non-profit projects. Learn more.

Number of Clips: 10
Frame Rate: 30
Alpha Channel: No 
Resolution: Triplewide (5760x1080)

Video Codec: Resolume DXV 3; Apple ProRes; H.264/MPEG-4

Too simple? Perhaps, but they are still necessary. Fire particles are great to create tension or add some epic touch to your projects. Although you can find this kind of visuals on various online marketplaces, they do not always go in a loop or are part of a pack.

Fire Particles is a VJ pack designed to fill that gap so that creative professionals can easily create epic atmospheres for their projects.

This pack includes ten fire sparks VJ loops with different rhythms, frames, and densities. Also, being Triplewide resolution, if you work with 1080p resolution, you can have three versions of each VJ loop.

Mech Future and Fire Particles VJ Loop Example

Whether you need to create an intro with 3D texts coming in or a music visualizer with an album cover, this VJ pack will be of great utility. You can also combine this VJ pack with Mech Future and achieve great compositions.