Sample Loops

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This VJ loops pack includes seamlessly loopable stuff to test in your VJ software for free.

Frame Rate: 30 
Alpha Channel: No 
Video Codec: H.264 

Do you want to know what VJ loops are?

VJ loops are video files that you can play an infinite number of times without a noticeable joining seam between the end and the beginning of the same loop. These seamlessly loopable visuals are handy in various contexts such as DJ live streams or performances, concerts, conferences, and more. However, you may have doubts as to whether a VJ loop is what you need.

To get rid of any doubt, here, you'll find more than fifty VJ loops for commercial purposes that you can download for free. In this way, you can test the visuals in your VJ software without obligation before decide which VJ loops pack to buy.

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