Lounge Sierra

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The Lounge Sierra VJ pack includes eight relaxing clips with clouds and mountains, perfect to create calm atmospheres.

Charity VJ Loops Pack: This is a charity item, which means we donate what we collect with this VJ pack to non-profit projects. Learn more.

Number of Clips: 12 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolution: 2K (2560x1440) 
Video Codec: H.264/MPEG-4; Resolume DXV 3; Apple ProRes

Shoot Location: Iberia

Have you downloaded Cultures Pack or another of the lines VJ loops packs, and you don't know which visual background to use? Don't worry. This kind of visuals work very well with nature footage, especially time-lapses, and there are plenty of options out there.

Lounge Sierra Footage with Nice Overlay

Lounge Sierra is one of them. It is a nature VJ pack that includes several time-lapses through which you can create an ethereal atmosphere to hypnotize your audience.

This VJ pack includes twelve nature time-lapses in 2K resolution. The footage has been shot in the Iberian Peninsula and includes clouds, mountains, and western-like environments. Some of the time-lapses featured in Lounge Sierra are also available in Tribal VJ Loops.

If Lounge Sierra's VJ loops aren't enough, you can also find good nature footage on one of the 5 Websites with Free VJ Loops and Assets identified by VJ Galaxy.