Abstract Tunnel

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The Abstract Tunnel VJ pack includes sixteen seamlessly loopable clips of 3D fractal tunnels suitable for any project.

Number of Clips: 16 
Frame Rate: 30 
Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)
Video Codec: Apple ProRes; Resolume DXV 3; H.264/MPEG-4

Do you need to hypnotize and retain your audience for longer during your live streams and performances? These abstract VJ loops will help you to achieve it.

This VJ pack includes endless 3D tunnels, suitable for medium to fast tempos. The continuous fly-through through different fractal tunnels makes these VJ loops extremely practical since you can repeat the same clip more times without boring as fast as other visuals. You will also find some tempo-driven ones.

Each VJ loop has an alpha channel (DXV 3), allowing you to incorporate background visuals such as gradients, solids, or animated textures, and achieve eye-catching results.

Abstract Tunnel With Background Visuals

Besides, all tunnels are grayscale, so you can freely colorize them with effects like Tritone (After Effects) or Colorizer and Tint (Resolume). You could also use these VJ loops as the background of clips like those you can find in the Glass Machines or Shattered Loops packs. In this way, you will be able to generate endless creative VJ visuals.

Colorized Abstract Tunnel VJ Loop

As always, use them as many times as you want without limits in your music visualizers, videos to promote your music, etc. Complete your visual set with the Abstract Tunnel VJ pack and start twisting the reality through your art.