Explore Audio-Reactive Particles in TouchDesigner

Unlock the Potential of Particles in TouchDesigner: Discover the endless possibilities of particle effects. This tutorial focuses on audio-reactive particles, providing a beginner-friendly introduction. Get started with a simple circle particle source, and later explore more advanced techniques. For further exploration, check out our guide on creating captivating audio-reactive VJ visuals in TouchDesigner.

Experiment with SOP Geometries: While using a basic circle as a particle source, you can utilize any SOP geometry for this purpose. Enhance the realism by introducing a collision source, enabling particle interactions with your TouchDesigner SOPs. Alternatively, leverage the surface attractor to create captivating particle movements that respond to your chosen SOP.

Introduce External Forces: In addition to turbulence forces, you can incorporate external forces to elevate your particle effects. Connect a Metaball SOP to a Force SOP, and link it to the force input of the Particle SOP. Unleash the power of vortex forces or mesmerize with spiraling effects that dynamically influence your particles.