Unleash Your Creativity with GLMixer: A Free VJ Software Overview

The creator of GLMixer, Bruno Herbelin, has discontinued the GLMixer project due to numerous obsolete dependencies. However, there is a new successor called vimix that he has launched. Currently, the Windows version of Vimix is not available. Therefore, Windows users may still be interested in downloading GLMixer.

GLMixer is an excellent free and open-source VJ software that is ideal for getting started with VJing. However, like any other software, it has its limitations. Let's discuss some aspects you should consider before using this application.

Video Mapping

The name GLMixer stands for Graphic Live Mixer, indicating that the app is primarily designed for video mixing. If you are specifically interested in video mapping, you may prefer an all-in-one proprietary VJ software or explore open-source alternatives like MapMap.

BPM Sync

BPM Sync is an essential feature for music performances. Unfortunately, GLMixer currently does not support importing audio or receiving external audio signals. Consequently, you won't be able to generate audio-reactive visuals within GLMixer. As an alternative, you can control certain parameters via OSC or experiment with the Shadertoy GLSL plug-in for audio-reactive visuals using GLSL.


The application is generally stable. However, if you plan to use third-party plug-ins, be aware that there is a higher chance of your app crashing, especially if you are not using macOS or Linux.

Despite the aforementioned limitations, GLMixer still offers a variety of cool features for VJing. To learn more about these features, you can watch the video below. Please note that the VJ loops used in the video tutorial are part of the Mech Future VJ loops pack.

Furthermore, if you're looking to explore other software options for creating real-time VJ visuals, we recommend checking out our article about real-time visual creation software. In this article, you'll find a selection of software that provides a wide range of tools and features to enhance your live visual performances.