Free VJ Software GLMixer Overview


GLMixer's creator, Bruno Herbelin, stopped the GLMixer project due to too many obsolete dependencies. But don't worry, he has launched a new successor called vimix.

The vimix Windows version is not available yet, so Windows users may still be interested in downloading GLMixer:

GLMixer is a great free and open-source VJ software to get started VJing. Like any other software, it has its limitations. Let's see some aspects you must take into consideration before start using this app.

Video Mapping

The name GLMixer comes from Graphic Live Mixer, so the app is aimed at video mixing mainly. If you are interested in video mapping, you may prefer an all-in-one proprietary VJ software or an open-source alternative such as MapMap.

BPM Sync

It is an essential feature when it comes to music performances; however, you can't import audio into GLMixer or receive external audio signals. For that reason, you won't be able to generate audio-reactive visuals inside GLMixer for now. Alternatively, you can control some parameters via OSC or experiment with the Shadertoy GLSL plug-in (audio-reactive visuals via GLSL).


The application is stable enough. If you intend to use third-party plug-ins, the possibilities for your app to crash are high, especially if you are not a macOS or Linux user.

Regardless of the previous, you still have access to a bunch of cool features for VJing. Watch the video below to learn more about these features. The VJ loops used in this video tutorial are part of the VJ Galaxy's Mech Future VJ Loops Pack.