6 Sites to Make a Music Visualizer

Would you like to create appealing audio visualizers like those used by DI.FM, Armada Music, The Nations YouTube Channels, or EMH Music? In this post, I will share with you some of the secret weapons used by these companies.

By the way, did you know that you can also use the VJ Galaxy's Video Loops as background in your music visualizers? Check them out now!


MusicVid.org is the only free music visualizer maker on the internet. It offers features that will allow you to create a great audio visualizer for your music track. You can customize the background, emblem, and audio-reactive spectrum, add particles, and much more. The Nations YouTube Channels use this music video maker for all their videos.

  • Pros: This audio visualizer is free, fully customizable, and very fast. All available templates are suitable for electronic music. No account is required.
  • Cons: It may run slowly in some browsers. Few video resolutions are available. Not very intuitive.


Motionbox is a very versatile tool for creating music visualizers. Unlike others, it gives the facility to import photos and videos directly from Unsplash and Pexels or upload media, like VJ loops, from your PC. With this online video editor, you can also add audio spectrums, text animations, and motion graphics elements. The best thing is the pricing. It is one of the cheapest services available, with a price range of 0.75-0.95 USD (0.60-0.80 EUR) per video.

  • Pros: Prices below average. Great text animations. Suitable for social media. Free watermarked plan.
  • Cons: Slow render times. Few effects and motion graphics elements.


With a VEED subscription, you can create unlimited projects without the need to pay per video. The price range is 12-30 USD (10-25 EUR) per month. A free watermarked plan is also available. This music visualizer allows you to choose between different audio spectrum styles or add videos and images as background visuals. For example, you can download VJ loops and import them to the editor's timeline. In a few words, VEED is very convenient when you have to create many audio visualizers with resolutions for different social networks.

  • Pros: Complete editor. Suitable for social media. Chat support. Free plan.
  • Cons: No templates available.


The price per video is 2.5-5 USD (2-4 EUR). This music visualizer web app allows you to add a simple audio spectrum and a background image. If you are looking for a fast online audio visualizer, SongRender may be a solution. However, taking into account the available features, this audio visualizer is more expensive than it seems.

  • Pros: Minimal interface. Suitable for social media. Free trial.
  • Cons: No templates available. Very few options.


The price per video is 3-13 USD (2.5-11 EUR). RenderForest lets you create any class of video, including music visualizations. You can choose from more than 30 music visualizer templates. The customization options vary between templates. In some templates, you can only add text. Other templates let you add a photo, replace the background image, change the spectrum style, or modify color and fonts.

  • Pros: Wide template variety. Free trial.
  • Cons: Prices above average. Few video resolutions are available. Customization is limited.


The price per video is 4-8 USD (3-7 EUR). Their modern templates and good value for money make Videobolt probably the best online music visualizer maker for electronic music out there. Each template includes different styles and a complete customization menu to change the look of your video. In this way, you can achieve excellent results easier. The only downside is the preview rendering process; it still needs some work.

  • Pros: Wide template variety. High-quality. Fully customizable templates. Suitable for electronic music. Free trial.
  • Cons: Few video resolutions. Slow preview rendering.