5 Best Resolume VJ Packs of 2020

Welcome to VJ Galaxy's selection of the top five Resolume VJ packs of 2020. Our ranking criteria include the pack's concept, visual quality, and functionality. If you're a VJ enthusiast, you might also want to explore VJ Galaxy's Visual Packs for more stunning visuals.


Delve into a mesmerizing collection of animated 3D fractals with ConsciousCoral by Julius Horsthuis. This VJ loops pack presents twenty mind-bending video loops that transport you to unimaginable worlds. Create a captivating atmosphere of fantasy suitable for various music genres, from psychedelic trance to chill-out. Don't miss the alternate version featuring bioluminescent "corals."


Unit44 takes us on a hypnotic journey through a 3D forest scene in the Woods VJ loops pack. Utilizing neon lights, neon strobe lights, tunnels, dynamic abstract masks, and sci-fi overlays, this collection proves that you don't need extensive rendering times to create incredible VJ packs. It's a perfect choice for genres like dubstep, electro house, or drum & bass.


Enter the realm of a peculiar dream with the Unter VJ loops pack. Endless dark corridors, neon lights, labyrinths, and underground worlds set the stage for genres like alternative rock, dark drum & bass, or hardstyle. These visually striking loops are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your audience during events or live streams.


Experience an alien invasion like never before with FogAndDust. Through building silhouettes, volumetric lights, smoke, 3D animations of destruction, and compelling compositions, this VJ loops pack tells a captivating apocalyptic story. Despite the absence of intricate monsters or cities, it manages to create a powerful narrative using just a few elements.


Immerse yourself in the sleek and dynamic world of sci-fi with NewBabylon, arguably the best offering from Unit44. Step into Martian landscapes or explore the interiors of spaceships through highly detailed video loops. Discover sci-fi interiors, spaceship cargo tunnels, strobe neon lights, and more. If you're looking to promote your electronic music on platforms like YouTube, this visual pack is an excellent choice.