5 Best Resolume VJ Packs

Enjoy the new top five Resolume's VJ packs according to VJ Galaxy. The criteria used to create these top five depends on the VJ loops pack's concept, visual quality, and functionality. You may also like the VJ Galaxy's Visual Packs.


Julius Horsthuis delights us with a new collection of animated 3D fractals. The ConsciousCoral VJing loops collection includes twenty video loops about unimaginable worlds. These VJ visuals allow you to create a beautiful atmosphere of fantasy, suitable for any music genre, from psychedelic trance to chill-out. Julius offers us ten worlds and an alternate version where the 'corals' have bioluminescence.


The 3D forest scene is always the same, and Unit44 still manages to hypnotize us with Woods through the use of neon lights, neon strobe lights, tunnels, dynamic abstract masks, and sci-fi overlays. These VJing loops show that long render times are not required to create incredible VJ packs. This collection is suitable for different music genres like dubstep, electro house, or drum & bass.


The Unter VJ loops pack is like a weird dream. Endless dark corridors, neon lights, labyrinths, and underground worlds make these video loops perfect for music genres like alternative rock, dark drum & bass, or hardstyle. These VJ visuals won't leave anyone indifferent to your events or stream.


FogAndDust narrates an alien invasion through building silhouettes, volumetric lights, smoke, 3D animations about destruction, and great compositions. Although it does not include detailed or complex monsters and cities, it manages to narrate an apocalyptic story with just a few elements.


NewBabylon is a very clean and dynamic sci-fi VJ pack. Arguably the best from Unit44. It transports you to Mars or a spaceship interior. Among the twenty video loops, you will find highly detailed sci-fi interiors, spaceship cargo tunnels, strobe neon lights, and martian landscapes. When it comes to promoting your electronic music on YouTube, visual packs like this are always a great choice.