Discover the Best VJ Loops: 10 Websites for Stunning Visuals

In this article, you'll discover some of the best VJ loops marketplaces and independent stores for high-quality video loops and footage. If you're looking to enhance your VJing experience, check out the following websites:


Resolume is not only known for its popular VJ software but also for its own visual packs label.

They release new VJ packs monthly, including 4K and Ultra Wide footage designed for big stages.

Professional video artists design these visual packs with VJs' needs in mind.

With resolutions ranging from SD to HD and above, you'll find creative concepts and excellent customer support.


VideoHive is a cost-effective online marketplace with over 400,000 stock footage and templates. Many VJ loops producers choose VideoHive to showcase their creations due to its large audience.

The platform maintains strict quality control, ensuring a selection of high-quality VJing loops. With affordable prices per VJ loop and a wide variety of options, it's a great place to find what you need.

Consider that some content may not be relevant to VJing, and there might be limited resolution options. is the largest marketplace of VJ loops, with over 100,000 clips, hundreds of styles, and a community of video artists and contributors.

They provide different kinds of VJing loops, including virtual and real footage. You can also find 4K and Ultra Wide VJ visuals on their platform.

VJ Loops Farm

VJ Loops Farm, part of the Nektar Digital group of marketplaces, offers a good variety of high-quality VJing loops suitable for video mapping. They also provide 4K Full Dome Visuals for immersive experiences.

While their VJ content may appear generic, it is still worth exploring. Keep in mind that prices per VJ loop might be slightly above average.


DJVB specializes in abstract and functional video loops for events. They are the creators of the Displace visual packs and offer additional resources such as the 3D Cubes Projection-Mapping Toolkit, free VJ loops, and a bulk option.

With great abstract and functional VJ content for stages and mapping projection, DJVB provides an excellent quality-to-price ratio.


The Volumetricks team is known for its creativity and offers VJ visuals with unique concepts and high visual quality. Artists have used these VJing loops in carnivals, gay pride, and corporate events.

Volumetricks provides affordable prices and includes free samples in all their visual packs.


DocOptic offers a balanced selection of abstract video loops, generative VJ visuals, VJ kits, presets, plugins, and Resolume training.

With affordable prices, high-quality VJ visuals, and tutorials, DocOptic caters to both beginners and experienced VJs.

However, the variety of their offerings may be limited, and it has been some time since their last update.


Ghosteam specializes in beautiful tunnel visuals and provides 3D abstract visual packs. Their 4K neon rooms and tunnel loops are particularly captivating.

They offer their VJ loops at affordable prices and provide HAP, DXV 3, and MP4 files for convenience. However, their variety of VJ loops may be limited compared to other websites.

Micah Buzan

Micah Buzan, a renowned 2D animator, specializes in psychedelic animation for music videos and VJing loops. His unique style can elevate any VJ set.

Micah Buzan offers standard prices for his psychedelic video loops and also provides interesting 2D animation tutorials.

Explore these websites and discover a wide range of high-quality VJ loops and footage for different styles and preferences.


Update: Unfortunately, as of January 2024, MotionLoops is no longer available. The unexpected departure has taken both VJ loop creators and buyers by surprise. For now, there is no information regarding customer credit balances or payouts for the creators.

MotionLoops excelled in delivering superior-quality visuals. Their wide variety of themed visuals, including Christmas and Halloween VJ clips, ensured there was something for every project.

MotionLoops also offered free video loops, providing additional value. While their user experience was comfortable, their customer support may have been average.