Connecting Your Korg MIDI Controller to Resolume: Fast Setup

When it comes to video mixing and VJing, you need an easy way to control your VJ loops within your favorite VJ software. In this case, you'll learn how to do so by connecting your Korg USB MIDI Controller to Resolume.

Although these controllers are designed for music, you can easily use them for VJing and video mixing. To connect your MIDI controller to Resolume, you'll need a Korg USB controller from the following list:

  • microKEY Air (microKEY Air-25/37/49/61)
  • microKEY2 (microKEY2-25/37/49/61)
  • microKEY (microKEY-25/37/61)
  • nano Series2 (nanoKEY2, nanoPad2, nanoKONTROL2)
  • nano Series (nanoKEY, nanoPad, nanoKONTROL)
  • taktile (taktile-25/49)
  • TRITON taktile (TRITON taktile-25/49)
  • nanoKEY Studio
  • nanoKONTROL Studio

Setting Up Your Korg MIDI Controller

Download the Korg USB-MIDI Driver

Download the KORG KONTROL Editor

  • Visit
  • Install and open the KORG KONTROL Editor.
  • Select your target device and click OK.
  • Create a backup by going to File > Save As > 'default'. This allows you to configure your controller as desired.
  • By default, the Button Behavior is set to Momentary; you may want to change it to Toggle.
  • You may also want to modify the knob and slider range.
  • Once you've completed your setup, go to File > Save As > 'your_new_preset'.
  • Finally, go to Communication > Write Scene Data > OK.

Configure your MIDI Controller Input in Resolume

  • Launch Resolume and go to Avenue/Arena > Preferences > MIDI.
  • Set your KORG controller as the MIDI input.
  • You can now easily assign your control channels by going to Mapping > Edit Application MIDI Map and start experimenting with your VJ loops.