Create Stunning VJ Visuals: Depth Maps in Resolume & Blender

Enhance your VJ experience with limitless generative visuals in Resolume using a basic depth map (Z pass). Effortlessly import your pre-generated depth map into Resolume and unleash its potential with the Juicebar DepthMask effect. Elevate your visuals with ease and creativity.

Mastering the process of setting and rendering the Z pass in Blender can be challenging. However, with the help of the 'Map Value' node in the Blender Compositor, you can overcome this obstacle. For a detailed explanation, refer to the video tutorial below. The VJ visuals showcased in this tutorial are sourced from the Post-Apocalyptic VJ Loops Pack.

Websites to Download Free 3D Scenes

If You Do Not Have After Effects

  1. Convert your image sequence into some codec like ProRes or H.264/MPEG-4 using FFmpeg.
  2. Use Resolume Alley to encode your output file (the one generated by FFmpeg) into DXV.