Blender and Juicebar in Resolume

With a simple depth map (Z pass), you can create unlimited generative VJ visuals in Resolume. You only need to import a previously generated depth map into Resolume and apply the Juicebar DepthMask.

Setting and rendering the Z pass in Blender can sometimes be tricky; the solution lies in using the 'Map Value' node inside the Blender Compositor. Check the video tutorial below for more details. The VJ visuals used in this video tutorial are part of the VJ Galaxy's Post-Apocalyptic VJ Loops Pack.

Websites to Download Free 3D Scenes

If You Do Not Have After Effects

  1. Convert your image sequence into some codec like ProRes or H.264/MPEG-4 using FFmpeg.
  2. Use Resolume Alley to encode your output file (the one generated by FFmpeg) into DXV.