5 Obvious Tips for Resolume Users

This video tutorial offers valuable tips to achieve smoother transitions between VJ clips and improve synchronization between external audio and your VJ loops. To ensure better BPM sync, incorporate action in your video loops every second or half-second.

Are these tips obvious?

Despite their usefulness, these tools often go unnoticed, resulting in many Resolume users missing out on their benefits. Once you discover their location, your VJ workflow will become significantly easier. While these options may seem obvious, they are worth exploring in the Resolume user manual. Save time by watching the tutorial video below.

BPM Sync and Beatloopr: Perfectly Align Your Visuals and Audio

When using Resolume VJ Software, one common question arises: how to sync visuals with audio? For smaller projects, the 'TAP - RESYNC - METRONOME' combination offers a quick solution, as demonstrated in the tutorial with Christmas Video Loops. However, it has its limitations, requiring constant monitoring of the BPM clock for accuracy.

Enter Beatloopr, a true delight for electronic music enthusiasts. This exclusive tab appears when you select 'BPM Sync' in the 'Transport' section. Think of it as the VJ equivalent of DJ console loop buttons. With Beatloopr, you can effortlessly loop your VJ footage in perfect sync with snare risers and other drum arrangements, be it four beats (1 bar in EDM), two beats, one beat, half beat, and more.