TouchDesigner for Resolume Users

As you might already know, Resolume is the best choice when it comes to video projection mapping. It has some limitations when dealing with real-time procedural VJ visuals. Maybe because of it, the Syphon/Spout texture sharing option is always there. In other words, why create plug-ins and keep them updated when we can take advantage of another software's capabilities? So, we have an efficient and stable VJ application at hand with endless possibilities when integrated with the third-party software.

What Real-Time VJ Visuals Generator to Use with Resolume?

Kodelife, Processing, and Unity are some of the available alternatives. TouchDesigner combines the capabilities of many of these tools, including GLSL coding, Leap Motion or Kinect integration, and real-time 3D animation and rendering. Watch the video below and learn how to create real-time 3D VJ loops for Resolume using TouchDesigner. You may also like to learn How to Make Your VJ Visuals Audio-Reactive.