How to Link Your Korg Controller to Resolume

Written By VJ Galaxy - October 01 2016


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VJ Galaxy
January 22 2018

Hi Adrien,

I would need more details, but maybe it is not working because there is not enough energy in your USB ports in order to feed both MIDI controllers simultaneously. Are you working with a laptop? Some operative systems have the option to concentrate more energy in the ports (as long as the ports are the cause of your issue).

January 13 2018

Hi, I want to use 2 Korg NanoKontrol2 at the same time in Resolume, but I’m having problems with assigning. Resolume only recognize one NanoKontrol. Any Help ? Thankssss

August 03 2017

am having a problem on assigning the knobs for my korg kontrol 1 with resolume arena 5 please help

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