How to Control Resolume 6 from Your Mobile Device Using TouchOSC

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a faster and more versatile protocol than MIDI, in part because you are able to handle all your VJ Loops from any spot without cables, and messages are not just integers like in MIDI, allowing a smoother control; for these and other reasons OSC is increasingly becoming a new standard for musicians and VJs. In the video below, you will learn how to link your mobile device to Resolume through TouchOSC. You could create your own layout, but you should know that there is already a TouchOSC template for Resolume, so rather than create a new layout you may prefer to add your own GUI elements to this template for controlling things such as Generators or Effects. Maybe it is not so obvious, but all your devices need to be connected to the same local network in order to work with OSC.

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陈 敌

I’m a Chinese. I am very happy to see your video tutorial on YouTube. Don’t bother you anymore. I want to see more of your video tutorials.

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