5 Simple and Obvious Tips for Better Transitions and BPM Sync in Resolume VJ Software

This short video tutorial includes some simple tips for easier and smoother transitions between clips, and better synchronization between external audio and your VJ loops. For better BPM sync results, your loops should include some action each second or half-second.

Are these tools that obvious?

These useful tools are not very visible, and for this reason, many Resolume users don't usually take advantage of them; once you discover where these handy tools are located your VJ life will be easier. These options are so obvious that you won't be really learning anything out of the ordinary, but even then, these are the kind of things that require a small look at the Resolume user manual, so save time and watch the short video tutorial below.

BPM Sync and Beatloopr

One of the first question when starting using the Resolume VJ Software is how to sync visuals with audio. Resolume has some articles about the topic, nevertheless, if you are a VJ working with small venues or you don't have enough information in order to create custom footage based on a DJ playlist, the fastest way to sync stock VJ loops with audio is by using the 'TAP - RESYNC - METRONOME' combination shown in the video below. However, it is not a perfect solution, you will need to keep an eye on the BPM clock to see if everything still match after a while.

If you like electronic music, then you will love the Beatloopr. This tab is available only when Transport is set to 'BPM Sync'; it is collapsed by default and does not stand out enough in the UI. It is the VJ equivalent of the loop buttons in a DJ console. You can loop your VJ footage four beats (1 bar in EDM), two beats, one beat, 1/2 beats, and so on. It is perfect to sync VJ loops with snare risers and other drum arrangements.

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