10 Best Websites to Download High-Quality VJ Loops

In VJ Galaxy we do not like being the center of attention. In this article, I will share with you some of the most important VJ loops marketplaces and independent stores currently. The common factor is high-quality video loops and footage. Order is random.

#1 VJloops.com

If you are looking for variety, then VJLOOPS is the right place. It is the largest VJ loops online marketplace until now, with more than 100,000 clips, hundreds of styles and dozens of video artists and contributors uploading new VJing loops every day. They have 4K and Ultra Wide DJ visuals too.

Pros: Wide variety of video jockey loops. Buy just what you need. Virtual and real VJ footage.

Cons: Higher prices per VJ loop. Some content is not loopable. Choice overload. Few resolution options per VJ loop.

VJLoops.com Website Screenshot

#2 Resolume Footage

Besides offering the most popular VJ software, Resolume has their own visual packs label too. There are always new content releases in the first week of each month. Actually, they are adding fresh 4K and Ultra Wide footage for those working with big stages.

Pros: Video footage created especially for VJ professionals by professional video artists. Resolutions from SD to HD and above. Great customer support. Lower prices; an average price of 3€ per HD VJ loop. Creative concepts. Photo JPEG and DXV files included.

Cons: Monthly releases. Little variety.

Resolume Footage Website Screenshot

#3 VideoHive

With more than 400,000 stock footage and templates, Videohive has become the largest and cheapest online video marketplace. Many VJing loops producers upload their creations in Videohive because it has a very large audience, so you have a big chance of finding what you're looking for. Likewise, they have a strict quality control, thus there is a lot of high-quality VJing loops ready for you!

Pros: Low prices. Wide variety. Useful templates. Great internal search engine. Strict quality control.

Cons: A lot of useless content for VJing. Few resolution options. Average customer support.

VideoHive VJ Loops Screenshot

#4 VJ Loops Farm

At first glance, VJ Loops Farm seems a small video jockey loops marketplace. Nevertheless, it is part of a bigger galaxy of marketplaces powered by Nektar Digital that includes video stock, game assets, concept photos and much more. The website is managed by Nektar Digital and Lime Art Group.

Pros: Good variety. High-quality. VJing Loops suitable for Video Mapping. 4K Full Dome Visuals.

Cons: Generic content. Prices above-average.

    VJ Loops Farm Website

    #5 DJVB

    DJVB is owned by the VFX artist Kaine Van Riel and includes plenty of abstract and functional DJ visuals for events. The famous Displace VJing loops pack was cooked here. You also will find cool stuff such as the new 3D Cubes Projection Mapping Toolkitfree VJ loops, and an interesting bulk buy option.

    Pros: Great abstract and functional content for stages and mapping projection. Good quality/price ratio.

    Cons: Website a bit confusing.

    DJ Visuals Builder Website

    #6 Volumetricks

    The Volumetricks team is full of creativity. They provide video jockey loops with amazing concepts and high visual quality. You will find video loops footage suitable for carnival, gay pride, corporate events and much more.

    Pros: Low prices. Great concepts. All visual packs include some free samples.

    Cons: Website a bit confusing.

      Volumetricks VJ Loops Website

      #7 TripleWide Media

      When it comes to triple wide or wide screen video loops and video footage, TripleWide Media is the right place. Here, you will a wide variety of beautiful motion backgrounds for your events.

      Pros: Video jockey loops suitable for corporate and religious events. Wide variety. Free triple wide video loops and footage available.

      Cons: Prices above-average. To much generic video footage.

        TripleWide Media Website

        #8 DocOptic

        The best word to describe DocOptic is balance. It offers great abstract DJ visuals, generative visuals, VJ kits, presets, plugins and resolume training.

        Pros: Low prices. High-quality visuals. Great tutorials.

        Cons: Little variety. More than a year has passed since the last update.

          DocOptic VJ Loops

          #9 Ghosteam

          Ghosteam offers the most amazing neon tunnels DJ visuals. They have some 3D abstract video loops too, but their 4K neon rooms and tunnels loops are the real treasure.

          Pros: Low prices. High-quality 3D neon tunnels and rooms loops. HAP, DXV 3 and MP4 files available.

          Cons: Little variety.

          Ghosteam VJ Loops Website

          #10 Micah Buzan

          Micah Buzan is a 2D animator that specializes in 2D animation for music videos and VJ loops. If you google, "psychedelic animation" you will find him. His psychedelic style is unique and a great addition to your DJ visuals collection. He also offers some interesting 2D animation tutorials.

          Pros: Unique style. Standard prices.

          Cons: Only psychedelic video jockey loops.

            Micah Buzan VJ Loops Website

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